Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There are loads of "People Search" websites out there, but this one seems particularly good...

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Edited extracts from - Gloucestershire calender of summary convictions at Petty Sessions 1781-1837

The following extract is courtesy of Ray Bird...

The first three cases all involved George Gingell, innkeeper, of Stroud.
1) March 10th 1829 - Thomas alias John Mills of Stroud, butcher, ill treatment of a goat, the property of George Gingell.(Verdict or punishment not listed).
2) Aug 28th 1830 - Thomas Peglar & Aaron Sitlington both of Stroud. Stealing pears from the garden of George Gingell. Peglar given hard labour for six calender months in Horsley house of correction. Sitlington's punishment not listed.
3) Nov 30th 1831 - John Cox. Being in a yard belonging to George Gingell with intent to commit a felony. Punishment - three calender months hard labour in Horsley house of correction.
4) July 24th 1834 - Edward Gingell. Assaulting John Wright of Frampton Cotterall. Fined £1 and 7/- costs, or two calender months in Lawford Gate house of correction. Offence committed 14th July 1834.
5) Oct 23rd 1834 - William Caines, Nathaniel Bryant and William Clark. Assaulting Samuel Gingell at Bitton. Caines fined £1.12s or one calender month in Lawford Gate house of correction. Bryant(nothing listed). Clark fined £4.12s. Offence committed 12th July 1834.
Footnote - In the early 19th century the Caines family from the Bitton area nr Bristol, were reputed to have been a unruly bunch of violent criminals, some of which were hanged and some deported, they were also said to have been members of the infamous Cock Road gang. Recently, their story was featured in an ITV episode of The Graveyard Detectives.

Please let me know if you can identify any Gingell family members!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Possible Gingells?

I came across the following message I found in my inbox, and I should have posted this ages ago, so here goes...

Dear Craig

Attached is a photo found in my grandmother's collection which she believes are Gingells. Do you have any idea who they might be ? Remember my direct line is George and Hannah (nee Fortune) Gingell of Hilperton/Trowbridge. They were still alive at the turn of the 20th Century, so it is possible this photo is of a family wedding. If so, it would have to be a wedding of one of the daughters as the two sons left for the States.

Best wishes


The above information was sourced by Richard Jordan

Monday, August 09, 2010

Gingells in Stoke on Trent

Does anyone recognise these Gingells who originate in Wroughton, Wiltshire and made their way to Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire...

Children of William Gingell and Ann Mary -
Thomas Gingell c 1852 born Wroughton married Mary ?

Children of Thomas Gingell and Mary -
Arthur Gingell, c 1883
Nellie Elizabeth Gingell, Sep Q 1886 Swindon
William Sidney T Gingell, Sep Q 1888 Swindon
Ernest J Gingell, Dec 1890 Highworth death 1962 Stoke
Florence Gingell, c 1893 Wroughton
Alice Maud M Gingell, Sept Q 1895 Wroughton
Edith Louisa Gingell, Mar Q 1898 Swindon
Olive Gertrude M Gingell, Jun Q 1900 Swindon

Ermest J Gingell b Dec 1890 D 1962 Stoke Married June 1913 Swindon Wilts to Lily Ellen Lovegrove she was born 15 Feb 1892 Highworth wilts dauther of Walter A Lovegrove 1864- 1898 Mother Ruth ridgman 1854-1907

children Ronald Ernest W Gingell 31 May 1914 Pembroke Dock dyfed Walers d Feb 2000 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
Eric S Gingell b 1916 Pembrokeshire d 1920 Pembs

Edgar b 1918 d 1920 Pembs

Kenneth Edwin b 3 Dec 1919 Pembs d Sep 1995 Staffordshire

Frank William b 2 Jan 1923 Stoke on ~Trent d 1983 gloucester

Harold N born 1926 Stoke on trent d 1993

Vincent Leslie b 13 Sep 1933 stoke on trent d Nov 1984 Stoke on trent

The above information was sourced by Christine Waite

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your Family Tree Magazine

Back in 2007 after the family reunion held in Calne, we were featured in "Your Family Tree" magazine. Mary Whitehead recently found a copy of the magazine, and here's the article...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

and more...

A few More Marriages for you
Clara Gingell d John Gingell m John tyler aged 22 son of John Tyler 24 Dec 1870 Bristol Gloucesteshire
Joseph Gingell s George gingell m Martha Moore d William Moore 28 Aug 1847 Hullavington Wilts

Thomas Gingell s George Gingell m Eliza Hayes d Robert Hayes 15 June 1853 Sherston Magna Wilts

Ellen Gingell D John Gingell m George Frederick Turner s John Turner 5 april 1875 Melksham wilts

Mark Gingell S Isaac Gingell m Sarah Farmer d Richard Farmer 18 Sept 1875 Melksham wilts

Tom Jacob Gingell s Edwin gingell m Florence Louisa Porter d Frederick Porter 19 Nov 1904 Corsham Wilts

Joseph Edward Gingell s Job m Evelyn Holloway d John Holloway 9 Sept 1914 Trowbridge

Samuel Gingell s George m Mary Curtis 5 Aug 1850 Clifton Gloucestershire

Fanny Gingell D James Gingell (Minor) m Joseph Hayes 28 Sept 1851 Bristol Gloucs

Martha Gingell D George m John Burgess s John Burgess 20 Oct 1851 Clifton Gloucs

William James Gingell s James Marreid Sarah Durston d Robert Ralls 8 Feb 1854 Clifton

Jane Gingell d John Gingell m Henry Britton s Robert Britton 20 April 1863 Bristol Gloucs

Mary Ann Gingell d George m Jabez Hales s Isaac Hales 9 Jul 1864 Bristol

Sarah Ann Johnson (Sarah Ann Gingell ) d William Gingell M Albert Smith s Albert Smith 3 Jul 1871 Bristol

Sarah Webster (Sarah Gingell) d George Gingell m Thomas Webber 4 Feb 1851 Bristol

Sarah Ann Clothier Gingell. d William Gingell m John Keepen aged 23 ss John Keepen 3 Sep 1866 Brighton Sussex

Sarah Gingell aged 19 d George Gingell m George Brown 21 Oct 1865 Bristol

Margaret Gingell d George Gingell m James Needs 27 May 1855 Bristol

Sarah Webster d Geroge Gingell M Thomas Webber 4 Feb 1851 Bristol


Gingell Marriages

Here's a message from Christine Norris (nee Waite) with a list of Gingell marriages we've yet to trace on any of the family trees already included on the website. If you can spot anyone familiar, please let me know. Thanks Craig

Hi Craig
found these marriage whilst looking for others . I have looked on the web page but cannot identify them with anyone on there,
They are not connected to my tree, but thought you might be able to use them to help others

Lucy Gingell age 20 father John Gingell. m John Mayell aged 24 son of Worth Mayell 9 april 1857 Melksham Wiltshire

Harriett Gingell c 1843 father Willilam m Ambrose Willis aged 21 son of Ambrose Willis 25 Dec 1863 Bristol Gloucestershire

Sarah Frankcom nee Gingell d of Job Gingell m Henry Moss 13 Sept 1885 Bristol Gloucester

Amelia Gingell aged 26 d James Gingell m John Hobbs aged 234 13 apr 1865 Bristol Glou

Elizabeth King aged 36 father John Gingell m George Saunders aged 20 son of John Saunders 4 Mar 1862 Bristol Glou

Kate Exton Gingell d William Bruce Gingell m Herbert Jackson s Herbert Jackson 13 May 1874 Westbury on Trym Glouc

John Gingell aged 20 s John Gingell m Matilda Payton d Benjamin Payton 22 Sep 1863 Bristol Glou

John Gingel s John Gingell m Ann Clothier d George Clothier m 8 Dec 1853 Ryde Hampshire

I do have a few more,, but let me know if you would like this info where I have found a link on the gingell site I have added an update but that was only one out of the list I have


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Olympic Bronze Medal

This Olympic Bronze Medal came up for auction on 25 August 2009 at Dreweatts in Bristol. I'm not sure why anyone would part with a medal, but here it is. Awarded to Albert Gingell in the 1908 London Olympics for in the freestyle wrestling lightweight class.

Here is a link to the auctioneer's website, incorrectly attributing the medal to Samuel Gingell -

"Olympics - A London 1908 bronze medal, awarded to Samuel Gingell (Great Britain), the rim engraved 'Third Prize Light Wrestling (C. AS. C.), with scroll surmounts and suspension loop for wearing; together with a Services Army pocket watch, (2)."

The medal was sold together with a Services Army pocket watch for £800.